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GEA innovation

GEA innovation

Today's dairy processing facilities need modern technology that is innovative, efficient and reliable. As suppliers of used GEA machinery and with years of technical expertise, we work closely with you to source the perfect machinery for your facility.

  Read more  

Worldwide sales continue apace

Worldwide sales continue apace

As the world’s leading specialist in new and used dairy processing machinery, we buy and sell plant and equipment worldwide and the list of countries we supply is growing on a monthly basis. Read more  

Manuals library and search facility added

Manuals library and search facility added

Having collated a vast array of dairy machinery manuals over the years, we've now categorised all of these manuals and made them available online in a comprehensive manuals library with a search tool that allows you to find the machine manual you need by manufacturer or machine type, or a combination of both criteria. Read more  

The ICA lay down guidelines for ice cream composition

The ICA lay down guidelines for ice cream composition

With the demise of the national standard for all ice cream and a call from the Ice Cream Alliance to uphold a quality standard for ice cream. The ICA has set out the minimum standards which both it and its members have called for to produce a minimum quality standard for ice cream to cover the nation. Read more  

New opportunities to bring more yogurt varieties to a growing market

New opportunities to bring more yogurt varieties to a growing market

An international survey reveals how yogurt preferences differ between countries and cultures and sheds light on the new opportunities for yogurt manufacturers being created by consumer demand for foods that fit lifestyles and health preferences.

When it comes to understanding the yogurt market one thing is very clear – it is the food’s amazing versatility that is allowing it to deliver great results millennia after it was first eaten.  Read more  

It’s going to be a Cold Cold Christmas…Dinner

It’s going to be a Cold Cold Christmas…Dinner

Here we are, once again approaching the merry festivities of Christmas 2014, and what a year it has been. Official annual ice cream sales figures haven’t been released yet but from what we’ve heard from our clients in the UK and further afield, it’s been a profitable year, a successful year and a year that will be looked back on with fond memories.

One thing in particular that caught our eye in 2014 is the availability and popularity of new flavours. Manufacturers around the world have started producing new flavour combinations that have appealed to a new kind of audience, and despite being a little bizarre in part, they actually they work really well. Strawberry and balsamic vinegar, coffee and doughnut, honey and ginger are all examples of perfect flavour groupings that haven’t been available on a mass scale, before now.  Read more  

Secondhand Equipment, training and support; the tools are there for dairy farmers wishing to expand or diversify operations.

We’re all aware of the mounting pressure that volatile commodity prices are placing dairy farmers under here in the UK, as well as abroad. Challenging supermarkets on what they pay for milk is undoubtedly going to be a long and difficult road, but there are more and more options opening for those wanting to limit their exposure and diversify into new markets, namely, the ice cream sector.

To start with, the Ice Cream Alliance (ICA), the trade body for the UK’s ice cream industry, are very approachable and happy to offer advice to those uncertain about expanding operations, or unsure where to even start.  Now, further to this free guidance, the ICA are offering training and support packages to help farmers create successful products and businesses.  Read more  

Machinery World Launch New Website to Improve the Customer Journey and Reflect Company Aspirations

Machinery World Launch New Website to Improve the Customer Journey and Reflect Company Aspirations

Machinery World, experts in sourcing and reselling second hand machinery of the highest quality, has launched a new website to improve the customer experience and reflect the modern, outward thinking of the company.

In an internet lead world, a business’s website is, in the large majority of cases, the first port of call for potential customers interested in its products or services. It is the 24 hour shop window where first, and lasting, impressions are created. As a result it is important that the website, both visually and functionally, portrays the company, its messages and aspirations. Read more  

How Should Ice Cream be Sold? By Weight or by Volume?

How Should Ice Cream be Sold? By Weight or by Volume?

When reporting an ice cream related story, journalists can’t wait to regurgitate some sort of headline involving the ‘ice cream wars’, in reference to one of Scotland’s most notorious criminal cases that involved two rival families using ice cream vans to sell drugs and stolen goods in the Eighties. However, the trite headline may be getting its most appropriate usage since the ‘war’ ended with the outcome of the litres or grams argument potentially sending shockwaves across the UK industry. Read more  

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Large and diverse range of machinery

From used ice cream equipment to the latest milk processing technologies, and everything in between, Machinery World is here to help. With one of the country’s largest stock of quality second-hand dairy machines Machinery World can help the smallest start-ups to the world’s most renowned names realise and achieve their goals.

Indeed, purchasing used ice cream equipment and dairy machines does, more often than not, pose as the most financially viable route to starting and expanding businesses, as well as replacing existing machines. Machinery World takes it that step further and also meticulously tests all equipment before buying for its stock, so the Machinery World route is also often the safest.

If you are unable to find the used ice cream equipment or dairy machines that you require, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss how Machinery World can help fulfil your requirements.

Available Machinery

Continuous freezers

Continuous freezers come in many shapes and sizes, and offer differing benefits, including freezing times, capacities and overrun percentages to name a few, but finding the suitable continuous freezer for your production line is simple with Machinery World.

As one of the most popular pieces of equipment Machinery World deals with, new continuous freezers are never too far away.

To see out our current range of continuous freezers, please click here.

Batch freezers

Once the ice cream mix has been prepared in the Pasteuriser, it’s ready to be turned into ice cream by the batch freezer. A batch freezer mixes and freezes the ice cream while incorporating air into the liquid mix, providing the perfect solution for small manufacturers or ice cream parlours.

To see out our current range of batch freezers, please click here.

Ice cream filling machines

Whether you want to fill tubs, pots, sandwiches or cones, there are ice cream filling machines capable of fulfilling any requirement or vision. However, as with many dairy machines the options don’t stop there as ice cream filling machines are also available in many forms including rotatory, linear, automatic, semi-automatic and even robotic. If you have any questions about any of our current stock, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To see out our current range of ice cream filling machines, please click here.

Ice Cream - Ageing Vats

Ageing Vats

To get the best long term product, ice cream mix should be aged at 4C for a minimum of 8 hours before freezing. This gives the stabiliser and emulsifier time to work and is especially important if you require a long shelf life from your product.

An ageing vat is therefore an essential piece of equipment for anyone wanting to produce large quantities of fresh homemade ice cream.

To see out our current range of ageing vats, please click here.

Ice Cream - Batch Pasteurisers

Batch Pasteurisers

A batch pasteuriser mixes and blends the basic ingredients of milk, cream, sugar, stabiliser and emulsifier before cooling and preserving your ice cream mix within relevant regulations to prevent the growth of residual bacteria. A perfect option for an ice cream parlour, Machinery World offers a large range of batch pasteurisers, new and secondhand, from some of the most recognisable manufacturers.

To see out our current range of batch pasteurisers, please click here.

Ice Cream - Fruit Feeders / Ripple

Fruit Feeders and Ripple Pumps

Used for the pumping of sugar syrups into the continuous flow if Ice Cream, or adding virtually any kind of ingredient into your product, feeders and ripple pumps are vital to the product reaching its full flavour capacity. As fairly common pieces of equipment on the secondhand market, Machinery World is able to offer a large selection at unbeatable prices.

To see out our current range of fruit feeders and ripple pumps, please click here.


Homogenisers ensure milk fat globules are reduced in size and dispersed uniformly through the rest of the product. Homogenisers have a long life expectancy without declining end results, and therefore represent an excellent second-hand purchase.

To see out our current range of homogenisers, please click here.

Butter making equipment

Butter making equipment comes in many forms including packing machines, specialist homogenisers, melting machines and churns to name a few.

Machinery World has a large selection of butter making equipment in stock at any one time, offering extremely competitive prices.

To see out our current range of butter making equipment, please click here.

Cheese making equipment

Cheese making equipment has a tendency to be very expensive when bought new, and can be hard to come by secondhand. Machinery World however, utilises its global contacts to maintain a good selection of high-quality, used cheese making equipment.

To see out our current range of cheese making equipment, please click here.

Milk processing equipment

Throughout its life, milk processing equipment can be placed under huge amounts of pressure, so it’s important that any machinery has been well looked after or serviced on a regular basis. As Machinery World spends its own money buying machinery for stock, you can be assured that any milk processing equipment you see is of the highest standard.

To see out our current range of milk processing equipment, please click here.

Aseptic, UHT & ESL – Filling

Milk filling requirements can differ massively depending on the purpose and type of the end product, geographical location and the consumer demands of that area, as well as filling volume and type of vessel being filled. The list could go on and that’s why Machinery World strives to maintain a large selection of aseptic, UHT and ESL filling equipment.

To see out our current range of aseptic, UHT and ESL filling machines, please click here.

Filling Machine – Non-Aseptic

There are many products where aseptic filling isn’t required. Machinery World invests time and money scouring the globe so that it can offer a great range of non-aseptic filling machinery at extremely competitive prices.

To see out our current range of non-aseptic filling machines, please click here

Complete Plants & Installations

Purchasing new complete plants takes a huge financial commitment, a commitment that, for a number of reasons, isn’t always viable. When this is the case secondhand machinery is often a more affordable route to take. Moreover, Machinery World invests its own money in buying machinery before reselling it so you can be rest assured that the machinery is in great condition and fully operational.

To see out our current range of complete plants and installations, please click here.

Filling Machines – Cup

Cup filling machines for products such as yogurt are relatively rare on the secondhand market, but with relationships and contacts throughout the world, Machinery World is often the first to hear about their availability. As such, Machinery World should be the first port of call when high-quality used cup filling machines are required.

To see out our current range of cup filling machines, please click here.

Mixers / Emulsifiers / Cutters

Mixers, emulsifiers and cutters are essential pieces of equipment but not necessarily ones where buying new provides the best return on investment. Machinery World maintains a large selection of mixers, emulsifiers and cutters which it is continually adding to.

To see out our current range of mixers, emulsifiers and cutters, please click here.

Separators / Bactofuge / Clarifier

Separators, bactofuges and clarifiers are generally tough pieces of equipment that are built to last, with manufacturers often only ever changing to upgrade to increase production. Despite their long lifespan, Machinery World offers a large range of separators, bactofuges and clarifiers, with varying capacities to suit the needs of manufacturers large or small.

To see out our current range of separators, bactofuges and clarifiers, please click here.

Stainless Steel Tanks

A business’ ability to yield any volume of product largely depends on the storage it has at its disposal – the more storage, the more product it is able to produce. Again, brand new stainless steel tanks aren’t a necessity and certainly don’t offer the same level of return on investment as that of secondhand equipment. Machinery World maintains a host of stainless steel storage tanks with different storage capacities.

To see out our current range of stainless steel tanks, please click here.

New Machinery

As well as dealing in used commercial ice cream machinery, Machinery World also acts as agents for Cattabriga, Coldelite, Promag and ROKK, selling new commercial ice cream machinery.

Machinery World even keeps a selection of new commercial ice cream machinery in storage should it be required urgently.

To see out our current range of new commercial ice cream machinery, please click here.

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